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Doing mashups in the middle, still haven't got tired of it even though I want to move away from it.

This is just another very talkative journal where I just talk and you read, because I'm still not ready to post new stuff yet.

I haven't really been getting the motivation or creativity to draw something great that I consider, plus I still can't draw people well. I've been making little scribbles here and there just to see how far I've come and so far I'd like to say I'm doing a great job. I still haven't mastered a lot of key-important details on my own because I'm just too addicted to this computer but I think I'm doing some okay progress.

Just to keep you updated this is how much I've drawn over the past few weeks.

Here's a gallery of it:…

Every drawing minus the second and third are just scribbles I've been doing as a means of practice (some with a pen others with a pencil) because if I'm going to post something here, it has to be perfect according to my standards. But then again, my standards include being able to develop my own style and not fuck anatomy and perspective up. So, I'm not sure at this point. And this isn't even the full thing since there is front and back but I don't feel like posting them there.

Also, one of them has me being a rabid brony hater. Small scribble and pretty insignificant, but still, rabid enough.
Yep, my life took that turn alright. Full-on brony to full-on hater in a matter of two and a half years.

I think most of us longtimers probably gave up by now and the only people left are annoying shitheads but these are all biased opinions of mine so don't take any of mine as guidance. Just enjoy the show but stay away from the fandom at all costs.

But enough about that. The fact of the matter is, I still have a long way to go so I have to practice harder. I've been doing hands, arms and faces more than usual just because I want to work on some parts of the body at a time. I'm mostly leaning towards original characters and normal people as opposed to the characters I like which is roughly everybody from Cartoon Network's shows, because it's just not what I want to do. I love fanart, but I don't feel I could do it enough justice for now, or be interested in doing it once I'm fully trained and ready.

But we'll see.

And something I started doing is I finally acquired Paint Tool SAI and watched some tutorials. Watching one isn't guaranteed to grant me infinite knowledge about this software but I feel I got the gist of it, but I'm gonna need a drawing tablet since, well, I can barely control my hands whenever I clean the house, how the hell am I going to control my hands when drawing with a mouse? Maybe once we get economically stable again I'll get it but for now, I'll keep drawing on paper. I have a notebook which I use when studying French but I've been wasting my time doing silly drawings and I would show you that but I'll save it for another time.

And finally, something else I want to comment which I did a couple of days ago with a friend of mine who still loves Keroro was the new Keroro anime. Remember when the Keroro Gunso anime was put on an indefinite hiatus for a while after 358/6 episodes? Well, now it's back, I believe it's up to 3 episodes as of now. And to be honest, I don't like it. It's not that I don't think Keroro's funny anymore. While I may have grown less acostumed to anime and shit I still like to enjoy a good one. You know, one where the Internet doesn't shit all over it because no one has any fucking brains. I swear there are some people I'd like to blame but I'll stay silent. The real reason is two things:
1. The episodes are not even episodes anymore, they're short episodes that last approximately three minutes (maybe less without the intro and fast outro), and it all feels really rushed.
2. The timeline has been reset. So instead of continuing where it left off in the last episode, they start all over where Keroro encounters Natsumi and Fuyuki for the first time. How stupid is that? If this is leading to a brand new plot, then fine, but from what I've seen so far, everything is just leading up to a grand recap of Season 1 where it will take them fifty fucking episodes just to get the platoon back together judging through the time they're using.

Then again, there is that new character, and he is included in the intro, with no clue as to what purpose he serves for. Maybe he will shed some light on this? But I'm not liking so far what I'm seeing. Plus one thing I should add, Keroro and Fuyuki prevented the war between Keronians and Pekoponians. So in this new timeline, that is also reset meaning the rivalry is back. How fucking stupid can you get?

But I'm just gonna sit in my corner and not watch it instead. Because what the hell do I know?

So those are my ramblings, you can see my improvement and if there's anything I need to improve on just let me know and I'll get to it.

And don't worry, I'm intending on making the faces look more like actual human faces rather than balloons with eyes and facial hair on them. Need to work on that.

I have a lot of work ahead of me and it's not going to be easy.

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Celestial-waters Jun 11, 2013  Student Digital Artist
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65hdtsa Jan 5, 2013  Student
Sim e não.
Eu não uso esta conta porque já não desenho (e ainda bem, porque sou terrível nisso. :D) nem escrevo mais fanfiction), mas ainda tenho esta conta aberta porque estou a seguir alguns artistas e quero ficar a par dos seus trabalhos.
desenhas terrivelmente n acredito nisso! escreves that´s awesome!
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