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I know, another journal, too soon, and done at goddamn 2 AM once more, but this time I have a legitimate question, and it's been bothering me ever since I started drawing.

Recently I've been doing a lot of sketches on paper using either a pencil or a pen, and I have to say I like using those elements more because I feel like I have full control of the item. But I want to try doing digital drawings. I got Paint Tool SAI about a month ago (I believe) and it's been sitting there on my laptop just waiting to be used until I have enough money to afford a tablet.

This is where the question comes in, how can you handle drawing with a mouse?

This is coming from someone who hasn't had a lot of practice on this though, so this might be the reason why everything seems so clunky to me. But the problem stems from the fact that my hands are a bit too wobbly when it comes to using the mouse, or pretty much anything. My hands have this bad habit of jittering slightly, I've gotten used to it, but when trying to draw something with a mouse where a bit of accuracy is required, it's not that easy. I've even tried the little substitute tablet that most laptops get to see if I could recreate one with an actual pen and just do it from there but it's partly unresponsive, and you really have to tap it hard so that it gets the ink on the screen.

I don't know, maybe this is just not enough practice but drawing with a mouse is just not my kind of thing, I like to have free control of my hands to draw whatever I please. Being reduced to recreating it with a mouse is not something I have in mind.

However, what about you? How do you handle drawing with a mouse, if you draw with one, that is.

P.S.: I need to stop doing journals at 2 in the morning.

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