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I was NOT expecting this, let me tell you.
I thought this was gonna be a rant confined to the lonely depths of deviantArt where no one could see it. Besides, I just used his icon, it's not like on Facebook where you tag someone and then they get the message (I'm pretty sure of it) but god damn was I not expecting Gonzo to react to this. Nor was I surprised that his fanbase came to defend him. All three out of the hundreds of them.

Maybe I should leave these rantings to Facebook then.

Okay, since you feel so insulted that I hurt your precious idol, let me just get some facts straight:
YES, I realize I was being selfish.
YES, I realize I was stroking my own ego.
YES, I realize I was acting very childish towards the whole situation.
YES, Gonzo reacted way better to this than me.

If admitting, without any hint of sarcasm really makes you feel any better, then fine.

Now let me fix some things wrong with the rant last night.
I don't think justifying that I wrote a rant at 2 AM whilst having a sip of coffee will do any good because even though it's true, I think that's just another excuse so let me set the record straight on some things I said.

Yes, I did do this for fun. I never thought about being popular, nor did I ever want. I always told myself that I didn't want to be popular, and I'm glad I'm not. Making brony mashups was fun, it really was. But as time went by, I gradually started thinking Gonzo wasn't that good and the popularity he had wasn't deserved.

Let me put it this way, if song A has one key (let's say G), and song B has another key (like C), how far will you need to pitch up or down? If song A plays at I don't know, 123 BPM, but song B plays at 119 BPM, you do need to change it until it's properly synced, do you not?
If song A has the normal structure of a pop song: verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, ending chorus, whilst song B turns that around, how far do you need to arrange song A so the order is fixed?

These are things anyone who knows how to make good mashups knows, and Gonzo doesn't know that. And he's been doing this since 2011, there's no excuse. And I know people would rather wait for another Tumblr dub than listen to his mashups, but they're part of the package too, and people accept it. The low standards are what drive me crazy.

But hear me out, I will admit knowing this all these terms and stuff has turned me into a snob (if that's the correct word to use) so anyone who doesn't do it the acceptable way (or my way, since you want to hear that) is automatically in the shit-list. And that is honestly sad, it's something I recognize I have and it's not entirely healthy, so to speak.

And that took the fun out of making pony mashups. So in other words, I was the problem, not Gonzo.

Another thing I want to address is my rampant hatred towards the bronies in the last post. I'll be honest, I read so much shit that the bronies have done that labelling myself as part of a toxic fandom as this seems very dehumanizing, and I would much rather be done with everything pony than continue any further until I shoot myself. That's also why I was so angry. I turned into one of those guys.

Also, I mention "brony mashup" as a genre in quotes because it doesn't seem to be a sub-genre anyone's interested in, like hardcore, I don't see many people slapping pony onto hardcore music, just the same as I don't see many people slapping pony onto other songs so that's why I put it in quotes. It's hardly something anyone cares about so why bother removing them? I mean, you have dubstep, EDM, acoustic, rock, heavy metal, and chiptune, as far as my knowledge goes, they don't need quotes because everyone wants to do them.

Another thing I want to add is yes, I recognize I was being an ass about the whole situation. Because let's not kid ourselves, neither me nor Gonzo can respond to criticism. And I say Gonzo because you never looked at the comments he makes whenever people say something isn't right. Don't believe me? Check the comments in this beauty.

Now, I'm not innocent but let's not pretend your idol is, shall we?

And after all this, yes, I do admit I feel some regret over posting that rant because that didn't equal the whole truth. I fucked up, I admit it, I'm an insufferable little pig who stalks a brony celebrity because he makes poor content and will go out of his way to find anything to prove how bad he is. I cannot hold an argument to prove my point, and I exaggerate simply because my emotions drive me to do so.

But white-knighting won't get you laid either, you know?
Trying to defend your precious idol just because I dared to say something mean to him doesn't mean you're right.
At least two out of three of you know what I'm talking about. You don't even read anything, you just sit there and whine about how your famous borni person got crapped upon.

And to be honest, this does sum up not just the brony fandom, but any fandom: you talk shit about a celebrity in a fandom, you're gonna get shit from some people who think they're right and know more about everything. (déjavu)
That's why you fans annoy me more than Gonzo, oh yeah, he's bad, but he's not on par of stupidity as his fans. It's sad he doesn't have any control over it, but who can blame him? At least he has more decency than any of you or me.

So yeah, I fucked up, hope you're happy. Now go tell that to Gonzo and tell him I said "Hi".

Lesson learned: Never make a rant about bronies, they will literally persecute you.

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